TotalCloud offers you the flexibility to deliver applications, information and resources in a safe, secure, virtual manner. It provides our clients the ability to move all servers out of their office and into a highly secure and professional data center that is managed by IT professionals. While many other cloud providers simply provide the physical infrastructure, LANrm provides an end-to-end solution that involves Systems Engineers, Project Managers, and the cloud space to host even your most critical servers and applications. LANrm Technologies is a VMWare/VSPP Cloud Service Provider offering data centers in both Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

TotalCloud allows our clients to leverage the latest technology without the typical upfront high costs.

Always On

TotalCloud is always on because your need for access to your data is constant.

24/7 Monitoring ensures uptime

Run your applications in our state-of-the-art SSAE16-certified data center for maximum uptime!


TotalCloud can grow as you do!

Growth On A Whim

Need more disk? More RAM? More users? Additional applications? TotalCloud allows us to provide that in just a few minutes!

Zero Headaches

Looking for less headaches in regards to your IT infrastructure?

Focus On Your Core Business

Most businesses have taken the plunge and have already moved to the Cloud. Worry less and enjoy more productivity!

Access Anywhere

With an ever-increasing mobile workforce, TotalCloud is the perfect solution to address mobile users needs.

Ease Of Access

Using industry-standard software, you can easily access all application from anywhere, anytime with TotalCloud.

Moving to the cloud offers flexibility, easier collaboration, increased productivity, reduced costs and a secure environment for your critical data.

In a 2014 study, 82% of companies reported saving money by moving to the cloud.

84% of CIOs report that they have cut application costs by moving to the cloud.

Businesses that have moved to the cloud to deploy their applications spend 25% less on personnel.

Those same businesses spend a colossal 40% less on consultations.

More than half of IT professionals rank security as the #1 reason for moving to the cloud.

You might consider TotalCloud if…

You want to get out of the business of owning and maintaining  IT infrastructure

You have multiple locations or are considering expansion in the future

You want to reduce your risk of losing data

You are looking to reduce IT costs

Your employees need remote access any time, anywhere

You need large, flexible storage space

You want to avoid significant capital expenditures