TotalCare is LANrm’s fixed cost, flat fee asset offering our clients an all inclusive turnkey Managed Service solution. Managed Services has become commonplace and is offered by virtually  every IT support provider in the industry. Not so common is LANrm’s client-centric, transparent pricing strategy designed to eliminate confusion and management’s budgetary concerns.

LANrm’s TotalCare allows us to directly align our service offerings  with our clients’ specific needs and budgetary considerations. Our unique pricing model for TotalCare promotes an equitable value exchange with our client partners.  The monthly fee covers ALL associated costs based on an agreed upon and highly detailed scope of services.  This all inclusive pricing structure gives our clients the confidence of both operational efficiency and predictive budgetary control.


Fixed Cost

LANrm's TotalCare offering is the only flat-fee Managed Service offering with zero hidden costs that includes ALL projects.

Flat Rate

If you’re a fan of even-billing, you’ll love our approach to pricing.


With TotalCare's unlimited 24/7 service, you'll never sweat another hefty bill from your IT provider.

Call Us Anytime

We’re available 24/7, just call or email us!

Aligned Interests

TotalCare promotes an equitable value exchange with our clients.


We have the same goals! ZERO DOWNTIME! We’re both more profitable when your business is running smoothly!

Highly Accredited Staff

LANrm's technicians are certified by many leading industry vendors.

Certification Matters

LANrm employs Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, A+, Network+ and many other certified engineers.

LANrm: A single source for total support!

We setup multiple monitoring systems for each client. These systems can detect most problems before they actually occur. Anything out of the ordinary is immediately alerted to our staff and is sent to our ticket reporting system.

Automated escalation procedures ensure that each issue is addressed as quickly as possible. Well over 95% of all issues can be resolved remotely so your issues, or prospective issues are taken care of as quickly as possible. Bonus…Since TotalCare is a flat fee service, there are no additional fees!

With LANrm’s TotalCare, we  provide our clients with a single vendor, a consistent bill, a single source for total support, and a single point for all accountability.

TotalCare Provides

  • Unlimited support services for all covered devices
  • All project work (including but not limited to rolling out new software, new pc’s, new servers etc.)
  • Antivirus for all covered devices
  • AntiSpam and AntiVirus at email level for all users/devices
  • 24/7 real time monitoring and alerting of all covered devices (if a server or internet connection goes down a ticket is automatically created in our system)
  • Constant, predictable billing so you can accurately budget and manage all associated costs