With data comes the need to fully protect that data. Tape backups are simply not enough. Far too often we see tapes fail, get misplaced, or become damaged. Even when tapes work, they only contain data from the most recent backup (which is typically the night prior). We realize every single spreadsheet, database and file you store could be crucial for the success of your business.

TotalBackup has been designed to protect your data and provide expedited recovery times in the event of a hardware failure, corrupt file or major disaster.

We work with industry leading providers of automated offsite data backups, including the services offered by Iron Mountain. LANrm has been an Iron Mountain partner since 2005.

TotalBackup offers 15 minute backups and the ability to easily restore entire servers to new hardware within a few hours.

TotalBackup allows you to failover to TotalCloud as a Disaster Recovery option. When you hear disaster, you might think of a flood, hurricane, earthquake or major power outage. However, a disaster could be something as simple as a software update gone wrong or a human error.

In March of 2014, the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council (DRPC) announced the results of its annual benchmark study. It found that 73% of organizations worldwide were not taking adequate steps to protect their data and IT infrastructure. 78% of the respondents had experienced critical application outages, and of that group, 63% said the losses ranged from a few thousand dollars to over $5m!

Be proactive, get your backup and disaster recovery plan in place today!

15 Minute Backups

Like the idea of 15 minute backups?

Multiple Restore Points

TotalBackup provides backups in 15 minute increments, saving you the hassle of redoing that spreadsheet you just overwrote!

DR To The Cloud

Disaster Recovery to TotalCloud is fast!

Failover to TotalCloud

TotalBackup allows you to quickly and easily failover to TotalCloud. Run on us for a while as your server is repaired.

Two Data Centers

We have multiple data centers for geographic disparity.

Ohio and California

With a datacenter on the East and West Coast, TotalBackup has you covered in even the largest of disaster.


We encrypt backup files both onsite and offsite.

End-To-End Encryption

Using industry-standard encryption, files are encrypted as they are created, and are then transferred over a secure connection, leaving nothing to chance!

According to Gartner, the average cost of downtime for a midsize company is $70,000/hour

80% of businesses that suffer a major disaster go out of business within three years.

40% of businesses that experience a critical IT failure go out of business within one year.

44% of businesses fail to reopen after suffering the losses from a fire.

31% of PC users have lost ALL of their files due to events beyond their control.

34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do perform tests, 77% find tape failures.

According to the National Computer Security Association, the cost to recreate 20 megabytes of data is:

Sales data: $17,000

Accounting data: $19,000

Engineering data: $98,000

You might consider TotalBackup if…

You are still using tapes

You want to reduce your risk of losing data

You want to get away from managing and testing your own backups

You want more frequent backups

You want easy bare-metal recovery

You want automatic offsite backups

You want a disaster recovery plan that includes failover to the Cloud

LNS America has utilized LanRM’s Disaster Recovery service for over 3 years and its performance and reliability allows us to have confidence our data is safe and quickly recoverable.