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Need IT help for a fixed, flat rate?

Managed Services

We can act as your IT department and can help with planning, budgeting, and installation.
TotalCare’s low monthly fee includes ALL projects….big and small!
Yes….We offer Truly FLAT FEE support!!
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Tired of endless spending?

Cloud To The Rescue

Imagine never having to deal with endless server upgrades and budget constraints…TotalCloud is your solution for this! It also offers you the ability to rent software licenses at low monthly costs. Sound to good to be true? Learn more!
Still using tapes?

Backup and Disaster Recovery All In One

TotalBackup provides backups as often as every 15 minutes as well as both and on and offsite storage via geographically diverse data centers. Big disaster? No problem! We can get you back and running via our Cloud Recovery solution in just a few hours. More Details

Simplify By Choosing LANrm Technologies

We strive for excellence in every facet of IT.  From cost-efficiency, future planning and budgeting, to finding the right solution, you can guarantee we will look out for your best interest at all times.

% of companies who reportedly saved money by moving to the cloud = 82%
the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%
% of attacks on computer networks carried out by employees and insiders = 70%
% of IT professionals who rank security as the #1 reason for moving to the cloud = 50%
% of companies that find failures when testing tape backups = 77%

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